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As a branding consultant, I recently had the pleasure of working with 1drop, a company that produces high-quality water bottles designed to help people stay hydrated and reduce their environmental footprint.

One of the key challenges that 1drop faced was standing out in a crowded market. There are countless water bottle brands out there, and it can be difficult to differentiate oneself from the competition. In order to help 1drop achieve this goal, I worked closely with the company to develop a unique brand identity that would help them stand out from the crowd.


The first step in this process was to create a logo that would communicate 1drop’s values and mission. We wanted the logo to be simple, clean, and modern, with a focus on the drop motif.

After several rounds of feedback and iteration, we arrived at a logo that both the 1drop team and I were thrilled with. The logo was designed to be easily recognisable, with a sleek and contemporary look that would appeal to a wide range of consumers.

the result

Once I had a strong logo in place, we turned our attention to the bottle itself. I wanted a design that would be both aesthetically pleasing, with a focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility. We worked closely with 1drop to select the right bottle that would be durable, lightweight and made from recycled materials.

To further differentiate the brand, we also created a tagline that would encapsulate 1drop’s mission and values. After several brainstorming sessions, we settled on “Sustainably Hydrated”, which we felt perfectly captured the essence of the brand.

Overall, I’m thrilled with the results of our collaboration with 1drop. By creating a strong brand identity and designing a unique and functional bottle, we were able to help the company stand out in a crowded market and communicate their values to consumers in a clear and compelling way. I’m confident that 1drop will continue to grow and succeed in the years to come, and I’m honored to have played a small part in their journey.

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